Teman Alam Maya

Sunday, May 1, 2011

apakah ini?

nie aku amek drpd stats..saje2 nak tengok traffic sources aku..
then aku nak tahu pe dye pingy nie..bile da klik kua name blog aku..

klik utk tgk dgn lebih jelas..
haaa...yg nie..rupe2nye...meh sini...baru korang tahu pingy tu ape..
aku tahu korang mesti pingy nie pernah jadi traffic sources korang kan2?

Why is My blog Listed in Pingy Web Application?  (from pingy)
Most Likely Someone Pinged your blog trough our application,our system marks latest ping adresses and displays them on top of the form.Thanks for using Pingy!
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